Intention to Stand for a position on an EDA Board of Directors

In order to stand for a position on an Electoral District Association Board of Directors:

  1. You must complete the form below. The deadline to submit this form is not later than 14 days prior to your EDA General Meeting. This date is stated on the meeting notice. Submissions submitted before the notice is sent will not be considered valid.
  2. You must be an active Registered Liberal before the deadline stated above otherwise your submission will be considered invalid. Click here to become a Registered Liberal or to renew if you are unsure. This process is quick and free.
  3. A Registered Liberal may only stand for one position per electoral event. Unless the candidate informs the Returning Officer by email ( within 24 hours following the deadline to submit the intent, the most recent intent shall be considered valid, and all preceding intents shall be disregarded.