Registrant Subsidies for Conventions – information for EDAs

There are three ways that an EDA can support registrants of a National or Provincial Convention. Depending on the financial situation of the EDA or the registrant, and other factors such as geography and travel costs, one method might be more applicable than others.

Note: The Canada Elections Act has specific requirements for Convention fees and any transactions from an EDA to support registrants. As such, please take note of the procedures described below.


  • An EDA may choose to reimburse registrants for certain costs relating to attending the convention
  • Travel, accommodation, and meals are eligible for reimbursement
  • The registration fee is NOT eligible for reimbursement
  • Reimbursement can be in full, or in part (for example, the EDA can decide to reimburse “up to $500” for each registrant)
  • This method is a great way to support registrants who have substantial travel or accommodation costs

Processing Reimbursements

  1. The EDA should establish the criteria for reimbursement: will everyone receive a reimbursement, or only certain people? For their full expenses or only travel? Or only up to a certain amount?
  2. Once the criteria is established, communicate it clearly to all registrants and inform them to keep copies of their receipts
  3. Following the Convention, have each registrant submit their receipts along with an expense claim form to the EDA Financial Agent
  4. After ensuring that all receipts are eligible, the EDA Financial Agent can issue a cheque to the registrant for the agreed amount
  5. In the year-end financial return, these transactions will need to be categorized as “Travel and Hospitality (2n)”


  • An honorarium is an alternative way to cover travel, accommodation and/or food costs for a registrant
  • The monetary amount provided to a registrant by an EDA must not exceed the value of the expenses incurred
  • An honorarium CANNOT be used to cover the registration fee for Convention
  • Honorariums CANNOT exceed $500
  • While this might seem simpler than reimbursements, honorariums can have unanticipated and complicated tax implications for the recipient
  • The advantage of an honorarium is that it can be given in advance, which may assist a registrant who would not otherwise be able to afford their travel or accommodation

Processing Honorariums

  1. The EDA should establish the criteria for receiving an honorarium: who receives it, and how much?
  2. The EDA Financial Agent can write a cheque to each person receiving an honorarium for the agreed amount
  3. The EDA Financial Agent must keep record of each honorarium, the amount, and full contact information including address of each recipient
  4. In the year-end financial return, these transactions will need to be categorized as “Travel and Hospitality (2n)”


  • Registration fees for attendance at a Convention are considered political contributions, eligible for tax receipts
  • An EDA can cover the cost of a Convention registration fee by following the process set out below, but as EDA CANNOT reimburse an individual who has already paid the registration fee out-of-pocket. Note that if an EDA covers the registration fee, the registrant will not receive a tax receipt
  • Process to pay registration fees

    1. The EDA should decide whose fees are being covered
    2. The registrants being paid for must each complete a paper registration form
    3. The EDA Financial Agent should write a cheque for the total amount of fees being covered, addressed to the Federal Liberal Agency of Canada
    4. Without exception, this cheque along with all paper registration forms must be received by LPC no later than a week prior to the first day of the Convention
    5. Submit all cheques and forms to:
      Liberal Party of Canada
      Attention: Finance
      920-350 Albert Street
      Ottawa, ON
      K1P 6M8
    6. In the EDA Financial Return, this transaction must be recorded as a transfer, not as an expense

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