Fundraising Programs and Donation Forms

Fundraising Programs and Donation Forms

Published On: May 9, 2019

Last Modified On: February 9, 2022

Fundraising Programs and Donation Forms


In line with our commitment to PCI Standards, new donation forms have been developed for your use. For your convenience, these forms can be found below. These forms replace any forms which you have used in the past. Effective August 22nd 2016, we only accept credit card donations by phone, fax, online or by mail. If you receive a credit card donation, you should send the donation form to the National Office for processing either by:
    1. Fax using 1-844-809-0422. This is a new secure line dedicated to credit card donations only.
    2. Mail to:
THE LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA ATTN: THE FINANCE TEAM 920-350 ALBERT STREET OTTAWA ON K1P 6M8 DO NOT process the donation form yourself. For more information on PCI standards, and the safekeeping of Credit Card information, please read the following memo from the LPC Finance Team, here. A Canadian Citizen or permanent resident may donate up to $1650 per year in 2021 (with an annual increase of $25/ on January 1st of each year) to both the national party, and to their riding association.


The Victory Fund is an incredible tool that helps to build relationships with dedicated, monthly, grassroots donors, and raise funds that local campaigns need to succeed. By making small monthly commitments, donors can make a meaningful contribution to the success of your EDA. The Victory Fund allows Canadians to donate a minimum of $5 each month to their local riding association and a minimum $5 each month to the party. Monthly amounts to the EDA and the Party are completely customizable between $5 and $133.34, and don’t have to be the same. Direct donors to signup online using the link below or print out the VF form. Online Form Download Form – Join Download Form – Increase


In 1918, Sir Wilfrid Laurier established the Laurier Club when he sent out 600 letters to community leaders and business professionals asking for their crucial support. Donors can continue this long-standing tradition by contributing to the Laurier Club. Donors can join by contributing at least $1600 annually (or $133.34/monthly). If they’re under 35, it’s just $66.67 monthly ($800 annually). Direct donors to signup online using the link below or print out the LC form.
Online Form Download Form


In order to make a One Time Gift to the Riding Association, or to the National Party, please use the links below.
Online Riding Form Online National Form
Alternatively, feel free to print out these forms for Riding Events:
Riding Form National Form