Registry Update Instructions

Registry Update Instructions

Published On: July 9, 2019

Last Modified On: July 9, 2019

Registry Update Instructions

Each association must file a registry update with Elections Canada, within 30 days of any changes to its Board of Directors. This includes any changes resulting from a General Meeting, vacancies, or new appointments. Non-voting positions on the board do not need to be included in the registry.

In addition, each association must file an Annual Confirmation of Information with Elections Canada. It must be filed by May 31st of each year.

  1. Select the PDF file EC FORM 20380 – you can either download and fill out the form on your computer or print it and write in the applicable boxes
  2. In Section A, please be sure to fill in all applicable information:
    1. The Registered Party is: ‘Liberal Party of Canada’
    2. The name of your association should be consistent with what is listed on currently
    3. your riding
  3. In Section B
    1. For a general update: please check ‘Type 2’
    2. For an Annual confirmation: please check ‘Type 3’ and one of the two following options:
      1. Option 1: no changes. Select this option if there have been no changes to your EDA’s registry since the last update. This only requires a check mark besides the option and the signature in the declaration below by the Chief Executive Officer (EDA Chair).
      2. Option 2: changes required. Select this option is if you have changes to your EDA’s registry to declare. If Option 2 is selected, please follow the instructions from point 4 on in the Changes to your EDA Board of Directors section below.
  4. The Chief Executive Officer (EDA Chair) must sign and date the bottom of page 2

    Changes to your EDA Board of Directors

  6. Complete the following sections as needed to make the necessary changes to your board
    1. Section C: changes to the association’s Chief Executive Officer (EDA Chair) – complete all information on this section if the EDA Chair has changed.
    2. Section D: changes to the Association Headquarters (usually the Chief Executive Officer’s or the Financial Agent’s address)
    3. Section E: changes to where the records/books are kept (usually the Chief Executive Officer’s or the Financial Agent’s address)
    4. Sections F and G: changes to the association’s Financial Agent (the Financial Agent must sign the declaration in section G for any changes declared in part F)
    5. Sections H and I: changes to the association’s Auditor (the Auditor must sign the declaration in section I for any changes declared in part H)
    6. Section J: list the names of any officers being removed from your association’s board and their termination date
    7. Section K: list the names and contact information for any new officers being added to your association’s registry – this can include all members of the EDA Board of Directors, but should not include non-voting positions. Add additional pages as needed.
  7. Section L does not need to be completed for all forms
  8. Ensure all information is complete and accurate.
  9. Submit it by email, fax or mail to the Registry Unit of Elections Canada. Their contact information can be found on page 1 of the form.